Friday, May 06, 2011

Fin. Ished.

On Wednesday night, my man came home from his last class ever in his Master's of Clinical Counseling Program.  Ten years in the making, that degree, from birth of dream to completion.  Yet only 20 months from the start of the first class to completion.  Yes, for those of you keeping track, that's 60 credits in 20 months.

And he worked full-time.

And he worked several part-time jobs, including, but not limited to: substitute teaching, tutoring and pizza delivering.

Oh, and he became a father.

And he installed our hardwood floors.

And he usually takes out the trash!

Except today he forgot to take out the cat litter.  I can smell it from here, and I meant to change it myself, but the trash truck is already outside and I'm not dressed appropriately enough to see the garbage man.

Yes, it's 11:16 am.

I work hard, too!  It's just more of in-your-pajamas kind of work.

Anyway, I had visions of an adorable celebratory meal/fun time planned for his arrival home at 9:30 Wednesday, EST.  In my vision, the air would smell deliciously of grilled shrimp, the room would be decorated to look like a beach, Man vs. Wild: Tropical Island would be streaming through Netflix on the TV, our baby would be smiling adorably in her sunglasses and bathing suit, I would answer the door in a lovely dress and hand my husband a pina colada and kiss him and say, "Yay!  We're done!"

Why do I always have these extravagant imaginings?

Instead, the air smelled kind of like garlic, the shrimp was over-cooked (does having babies mean you will over-cook food for the rest of your life?), the room had some beach towels tossed about, the over-tired baby would NOT wear her hat or glasses and was literally throwing herself at my feet, wailing, and trying to cuddle with the bottom of my sweat pants to ease herself to sleep while I frantically messed with cords and internet trying to get the stupid show to play.  And I had to call my hubby to ask him to pick up the coconut cream for his own drink, because the can I had was bad.


But he still loved it.  I think he would have loved anything at point, as long as it didn't involve writing a paper.  Besides, who wouldn't love this?  Because over-tired as she may be and sobbing one minute, Daddy still lights up her world.



When will you people put me to bed?!

"Flowers" for the "table"


I may have pulled on a sundress, but only over my sweatpants.
Congratulations, babe!  We are so proud of you!


  1. So cute! LOVE the new blog header & love this post. Congrats to Lenny! :)

  2. What a great wife you are, Taylor! I'm sure Lenny loved your efforts, even if they didn't turn out just as imagined. And congratulations on being finished with grad school for the time being. I hope that you three can enjoy your summer and relax a bit.

    LOVE your new header, by the way. It looks like a dream:).

  3. I cannot stand how cute you two are. Forget the adorable munchkin I want to eat through my computer monitor, but props to you two. Adorable. And loveable!


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