Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog series post to bring you the current family news.

Sweet Pea is crawling!  While I find her to be beautiful and clever and strong and everything else wonderful, I kind of want to put my hand on her forehead and push her down every time she does it.  Crawling babies are way more work than non-crawling babies.  After weeks of inchworming and army-crawling, she finally coordinated her knees and arms at Nana's yesterday morning.

Two people I adore are getting married.  To each other.  They are going to have beautiful and clever and strong and everything else babies someday and those babies are going to marry my babies.  I called it.  I set the two lovebirds up and so I was thinking of shutting down my photography business and starting a matchmaking business.  But then I made this picture and I love it so much I teared up and I'm kind of jealous of it.  How can you be jealous of your own picture?  Maybe I'll just hang it up in my own house. 

It's a little washed out in blogger.
Remember when we went to Niagara Falls last summer?  What you probably didn't know was that we made the drive without air conditioning.  Our air conditioning went out last summer, and what else you probably didn't know is that air conditioning is actually a luxury.  We were thankful that it was a repair that we didn't have to make.  We'd taken the car in when we smelled something burning, and they told us it was the clutch for the AC.  Our wonderful mechanic, who knew we were strapped for cash, said to just not use the AC and come back when we wanted it fixed.  We turned it off and haven't turned it back on since.  Well, after a series of amazing events, we ended up with a little extra and so we took it in on Monday to get it fixed.  I was giddy with excitement.  Guess what?  The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with the AC.  He even went joy-riding in our car for a half-hour and it still seemed fine.  Hubby asked if it was miraculously fixed, and he laughed and said he didn't know about that, but that I was either over-using it last summer (entirely possible; it was a million degrees always and I was dying of pregnant person heat exhaustion always) and now it's had time to "rest" or that it will act up in the summer when it's really hot and we can fix it then.  We're still going with miraculous.

My neighbors keep bringing my cat in their house because they "feel bad for him," now that he is a mostly outside cat.  He loves them and meows at them and wraps around their legs and gives them pathetic "no one loves me" faces and cuddles in their laps and purrs constantly and pees in their cat's litter box.  As I sit here, I can barely breathe because the stupid carpet he has ruined that I have cleaned/doused with vinegar/covered in baking soda/sprayed with pepper spray still takes my breath away.  They can have him.

I am getting ready to plant our garden.  I am planting Roma tomatoes, Early Girl tomatoes, purple heirloom tomatoes, yellow striped heirloom tomatoes, jalepeno peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, two kinds of tomatoes, raspberry lettuce, basil, mint and beans.  The last three are from seeds, but the rest I got at Johnson's Nursery.  They have great selection and prices.  Hopefully some of it will survive the ants and stink bugs.  Hopefully the neighbor we don't know who seems to always watch us work in our yard doesn't live there any more.

We stayed with my parents after the shoot on Monday and on Tuesday morning Baby Bean came down wearing the Care Bear jammies I had when I was a kid and her thrift-store-find, still-too-big Lelly Kellys on the wrong feet.  Then she went upstairs to get another pair of "party shoes" for Treeflower, her imaginary friend.  I love little girls.  50 bazillion points if you know where she got the name Treeflower.

Sweet Pea went to playgroup this morning wearing leopard print cat jammies that have a tail.  And a hat with ears.  Just thought you should know.

Lately, I constantly wrestle with the desire to speak my mind.  But at what cost?  Or, rather, what gain?  I'm glad that I almost always think before I speak, but sometimes I think too much.

My baby has the world's sweetest and cutest and funniest cousins.  Two of them aren't even pictured, and she has second cousins, too, that are just as sweet and cute and funny.
I think M looks like she's holding her sister, rather than her cousin!
My baby is a girl.  I just thought I should make that clear, in case anyone was wondering, like the man at the grocery store.  Yes, my baby is cute, thank you.  But "he" is a "she;" see the pink tu-tu?  And man at the other store, see her pink lace bow?  And pink jacket?  And flowered jeans?  Yup...she.  So I bought her this and another bow for $2.50 the other day, in hopes of putting the confusion to an end.
Sometimes I dress my baby head-to-toe in pink thrift store finds.

 We should probably all agree that Nana's house is the best ever.  At least some people think so.
Every toy pictured was a thrift store find.  Isn't my mom amazing?

Twenty-one days until Hubby is finished with grad school.  Three days until the NCE is over.  Not that anyone's counting or anything.  

And finally, to a very special someone...
You're right.  And thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  How did you know that was the verse of my life?  As tears fall again, I wonder how have I let myself forget it lately.

Your regularly scheduled blogging will continue shortly.  Or when I have time.


  1. Crawling, already!? Wow! That's awesome...and means a lot more work for you! But it is such a fun stage that I'm sure you'll cherish so much. After all, it won't be long before she's walking...across the stage at graduation:).

    The engagement photographs are so beautiful, too. I love the ones with sun flare especially!

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    LOVE this random post. :) LOVE that she's crawling. LOVE her pink outfit and bow. LOVE the miracles of car A/C. LOVE YOU.


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