Wednesday, March 02, 2011


She got 'em.

Today at play group she grabbed the big toy in front of her and pulled herself out of my lap to standing.  Without help.  Um, what?

Ignore the bad photos.  I handed my camera over on auto.




I believe that this standing episode was born out of my child's overwhelming desire to taste as many things as she can in as few minutes as possible.  She might be part Velociraptor.

Then tonight she wanted to show off her biceps.

Sometimes, when you are between watching your baby and frying chicken,
there's no time for a decent photo.  Or to pick up the stuff on your couch.  
My mom said today that she might walk early.  Kids get way harder when they can walk.  I prefer kids that can't run away from me.  So no early walking allowed in this family, kiddo!

Also, she "blows kisses."  When you walk past her she looks at you and does a kiss sound.  She doesn't do the sound unless she is looking right at someone.  Adorable!


  1. LOVE the headband. love it love it love it.

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Go, W, go!


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