Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6 months


Dear Sweet Girl,

I've said it every month, and I'll say it again; you're like a completely different baby!  Every day there is something new about to learn about you, some new part of your personality peeking through with each new discovery you make.  You learned so much this month, and now, instead of just being a little cuddle-bug, you're also so fun

You love to smile, and you still smile the most for Daddy.  He always gets the huge, open-mouth smiles where your tongue turns sideways.  You are so funny.  You also think it's hilarious whenever anyone says, "Mama!"  I'm glad that my name makes you happy.  My heart jumped for joy last Sunday, when, the day before your turned 6 months old, you looked up at me when I picked you up from nursery at church and said "Mama!" with big smile.

You learned how to make a kiss sound this month, just one week in, and you make that face and sound to those you love most.  We think it's because we kiss you so much!  You also learned how to blow raspberries.  You're scooting backward, army-crawling, and spinning in circles so much that in the course of one day I went, "Whoa.  Time to baby-proof!"  It's really fun to see you interacting so much with the world around you, wanting to explore and taste and see and touch.  Your little body wiggles and stretches to see everything you can, and you kick your feet with happiness when you're picked up or when you're laying on the ground.  You love to chew on your feet! 

You tried your first food and you loved it.  We had so much fun eating with you.  You love family dinners, just watching us eat and talk, so you were more than ready to join the fun.  You've definitely been teething, so I've been giving you a little frozen toy to chew on and you love that.  You love to sit in your highchair and watch me in the kitchen.

One of your favorite toys is a little yellow fish that squirts water.  You adore him!  We play with him in the bathtub.  You smile when he squirts you, even though we always say it's "so rude." You still love your baths; I can't wait to take you to the beach and watch you play in the gentle bay.  You also love my old clown doll that plays, "It's a Small World."  He was the first toy you smiled at, which was so sweet I almost cried.  I used to wind that doll up and set him on my tummy when you were growing there and you'd kick and kick to the music.  You love your soft pink blanket that Gigi made for you.  You love the little horses that go with the farm set Nana gave you for Christmas.

Your favorite game is peek-a-boo.  For the longest time, you hated it!  You would jump and even cry sometimes when someone said "boo."  Now you'll even play along, which is amazing for a baby your age!  You lay on one of our stomachs, put your head down, then lift it up and smile when I say boo.  You think it's hilarious to hang upside down. You love going to music class and playgroup because you love watching the other kids there.  You like going on the swing on the playground.

You are still such an easy-going baby.  You're great at going to sleep and you love nursing, cuddling and falling back to sleep in early dawn hours next to me in bed.  You've had a hard time getting on a good sleep schedule (you usually were still waking at least twice) but it's slowly getting better.  You only get mad when I wipe your nose, when you feel lonesome, or when you're hungry.  Gosh, do you hate being lonesome; you always want in on the action!  I don't blame you; I'm the same way!

You're sitting up on your own, and because of that I had to put away your Moses basket.  That made me so sad!  You're already growing up and changing so quickly.  We even gave away some of your newborn clothes, which was so hard, but they went to help some other babies who needed them at an orphanage in South Africa.  

Sweet baby, we take such delight in you.  You are precious and funny and perfect and beautiful.  I love spending my days with you and watching you learn, change and grow.  We're having so much fun together.  We are thoroughly blessed by you and can't wait to see what's next while still cherishing each little moment with you.

Guaranteed; next month you'll have already mastered crawling.  You're so close already!  
"Thank you, Mimi, for my boots!"  :)


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    *sigh* I love her. :)

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    AWWW! Those pictures turned out so cute!! She's so pretty.



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