Thursday, January 27, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program... bring you the cutest kid ever:

I plopped Sweet Pea in her cousin's old jumper (Bean still likes playing in every so often, even though she's way too big for it) yesterday morning when I realized I wasn't comfortable leaving our new little roly-poly on the floor alone while trying to make lunch for myself and Bean.  I figured she was too small for it, but that it was worth a shot.  And lo and behold, she LOVED it.  I love her little baby spaz-outs over the lights and music.  I SUPER love the way she just dangles in the air, cracks me up every time.  She also keeps trying to chew it.  So cute!

Also cute:
She giggles now.  We were trying to catch that, but this is cute anyway.  :)
Not cute:
How come I can upload videos from my mom's computer, but they never upload from my own computer?  This blog is missing Sweet Pea's first smile and first rolling over videos.  Confusing.

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