Friday, December 24, 2010


Today, we had fun with a friend:

Today, Waverly got huge:

Today, we went to Nana's to start Christmas and we decorated cookies:
"God Bless you, Wave-a-lee.  Wave-a-lee sneezed on the cookie, Nana.  I see booglies!"

Today, I wished I had audio of Bean's constant running commentary:


"That's the booglie right there."  (For the record, the baby sneezed, but she did not actually sneeze on the cookie.)
Today, I changed my white balance for my mom, then I regretted it:
I still wouldn't eat this cookie.  Bean decided to taste every sprinkle before she placed it.

Frosted baby hands!

"Aw, don't cry Wave-a-lee, it's o-tay."

 Today, we made memories:




Today, I also did a million other things.  But I didn't photograph those things, because running to Walmart and Target or cleaning or cooking isn't that interesting.  But I do wish I photographed the other sweet treats I made with my even sweeter friend.  

Today was sweet:
"W for Waverly.  W-w-w-Waverly."

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  1. what a little cutiepie! great story, and merry christmas :-)


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