Monday, December 13, 2010

Diaper Diaries, Day 2

Definitely gonna stick with disposables for overnight!

It seems that 4 hours is about the max these diapers can do (not a surprise at all based on what I've read.)  I know I can get some hemp inserts for night time, but for now I'm just gonna stick with disposable.  I did realize that I didn't have the front folded down quite correctly though, so I think that made the leak happen even more so.  Since these pocket diapers are one-size, you end up with extra material in the front that you need to flatten downward.  Mine was flattened upward.  She ended up pretty well wet in the front (she leaked in the front instead of the back, even though she was laying on her back- again, I think that was because of my fold) and it happened quickly.  She was dry when hubby picked her up, but then I think she went and the diaper was already maxed out.  Not a big deal though, just a quick change of clothes.  I'd definitely like a diaper to last 6 hours when she has that long stretch at night though. 

Today she did great at home in the first diaper of the day, but when I changed her while running errands she'd had a small leak out of the side.  I'm not sure if it was her positioning in the car seat, the still slightly loose leg casing, the insert not being flat enough, or if I just plain didn't change her fast enough.  Changing the cloth diaper was a breeze, no harder than a disposable.

Here's my plan.  Since I only have 10 diapers, I'll need to do wash every night.  If I use disposables at night, I should be able to get by just fine.  Tossing the diapers in the laundry should take about 10 minutes out of my day total.  I just have to remember they are down there!  That's going to be the tricky part.   

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  1. Hey Taylor! I'm glad cloth is working out for you so far:). A couple tips. First, don't get too worried about the leaking; it will lessen as she gets older. They seem to pee less. In fact, L only uses 3-4 diapers a day now.
    Second, I often would try to get to the diaper a little early and just change out the terry cloth (fleece in your case). We had a lot of extra terry clothes (you could easily make them if you don't have extras). That way, I could still keep on the outer diaper for the next change. The diapers then would last 2-3 days. Not sure if this will work for you, but it worked like a charm for me!


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