Monday, November 01, 2010

Family Photos

We had a big weekend.  A huge weekend, really, filled with loads of fall fun.  Our biggest accomplishment, though, was the long-awaited family photo shoot.  My mom is a fantastic self-taught photographer, so we pooled our resources and came up with these.  I told my mom the vision I had in mind, and, as always she got it and made it perfect.  I love them!

They still need some editing, and I think I'm finally going to give in and play around with some actions!  We'll see!  I'm really glad though to have best time of our lives captured in our first family photo shoot.  Next up, probably in the spring, will be a whole family (Nana, Grandpa, sister, cousin, Gigi and G-pop) shoot.  Note to self- Good luck with that...

(And speaking of my little family, as I wrap up this post, both my babies are snoring away on either side of me.  Well, more like sighing from the little one and loud breathing from the big one.  We're not big snorers around here, thankfully!  It's still cute, though.)


  1. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Love the tree swing shot! :) Thank the Lord that you don't have snorers ... I now have two. I'm contemplating buying stock in ear plugs. Can't wait to see you (sometime) soon!!!!! XOXO.

  2. Love the second creative with the balloons! And the look is it.


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