Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Push Present

The night my husband first asked me to be his girlfriend, he gave me three flowers.  One was white, to represent our friendship; one was pink, to represent the kind of awkward "more than friends" stage we'd been in for a little over a month; and the last was red, to represent the romance he wanted in our "official" relationship.

Excuse the weird face.  My roommate and I were being silly that night.  Oh, right, like every night in college.

After our baby girl was born, my sweet hubby revisited those special flowers.  This time though, he came home with four flowers; white, pink, red and yellow.  The yellow flower represented our new, precious baby.  He also wrote a really sweet letter.

I loved them.  I loved them because they were sweet and thoughtful, and even more because my husband thought of me in them.  I'm not a big gifts person.  I don't really wear jewelry.  I would have been mad and anxious if he spent a lot of money on a "push present."  But he wanted to do something for me and give me something, so he gave me a special memory that shows how he cherishes his girls.

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  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    That was so sweet of Lenny! Tell him "good job." :)


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