Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Photos

We do fall around here like it's our job.  I was excited when I found out I was going to have a fall baby because I'd always wanted to be a fall bride.  (Instead I was a June bride and got the last name Smith.  My quest for individuality became an epic fail.  Shucks.)  Also, when I was freaking out the morning I found out we had to deliver early I actually had the thought, "Well, at least we'll be up and about in time for pumpkins..."

Pumpkins, indeed.

"Yo peeps, the sun is in my eyes!"
I now have an obsession with loving the way little baby feet stick out from whoever happens to be carrying said baby.  Super. Cute.
Is it not the best that my husband can fit both his girls in his arms so nicely?
 This particular trip was to a local "Pick Your Own" farm we love called Larriland.  I grew up going there pretty much every year as a kid with my family.  When the Fall Fun traditions we love started in college, a visit to Larriland was part of the bill for apples.  We met up there with friends last Sunday and started out with a little picnic with the friends we met.  One of the friends had run a marathon the day before.  She about said marathon, "I thought after, 'I am NEVER doing this again.'  Then, within a few hours, I thought, 'I could totally do this again!'"
 Whoa, man.  I thought the same thing about having a baby!

Unfortunately, the apple orchard at Larriland was closed already because they'd had a small crop and large crowds.  But the day was so beautiful that we enjoyed being there no less.  We just got to spend a little more time in the pumpkin patch, which was fun by me, because it became the dream of my life to take a picture of my baby on a pumpkin.

You're welcome.

(Side note- people keep saying to me, "Your baby must be such a heavy sleeper!"  Negative.  I have the world's lightest sleeping baby.  My sleeping shots of her are a combination of luck and OCD-like patience on my part.  I shouldn't be surprised, though.  She is a descendant of my mother, the world's lightest sleeping human ever.)

Baby leggings, man.  They are where it's at.
I just love, love, love those baby toes.  I want to nibble on them.  I think gerbils eat their young because they just find them so irresistible.  They are just going about their gerbil-y days, then they see their babies and think, "Dang, you are so irresistibly adorable.  I'll just have one nibble..."   

Sorry, that was gross.  But seriously, it's probably true.  

We thought we'd end with a picture of everyone staring straight into the sun, just for kicks.  Hence the fact that most of us look like someone is about to spray bleach in our eyes or something.  But yay for pumpkins, and one tiny little bald head!

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