Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's Perfect

Sleeping with Mama
Kangaroo care with Daddy
Hi, Baby!
How can you capture the first week of someone's life?  These first days (has it really only been 4 since she came?) have been so peaceful, so precious, so right.  We are so enamored with her.  I want to just stare and stare and stare at her.  She's a very content baby and she nurses so well that we have very little to stress about.  Well, minus the weird panic dreams I have when we do fall asleep at night; I wake up sometimes not sure where she is or thinking she can't breathe or she's disappeared.  I'm also feeling good physically- I only took Motrin three times in the past 24 hours!  I'm really thankful though for all of the help we've had.  My mom has been with us pretty much constantly and it's been so helpful to have her feeding us, doing laundry, cleaning, answering questions and being enamored too.  She's also a wonderful photographer; we had a really fun photo shoot today!  I'm excited to put up those pictures once I can find my camera cord.

Sometimes I just stare at her and it hurts my heart that she's going to get big.  I love her littleness, love the way she feels almost the same as she did inside me when she's laying on my stomach asleep and gently wiggles.  But then I remember how fun each and every stage has been with my beloved niece, and I am reminded of all of the joy that's ahead of us.

But I'll take this joy for as long as I can.
After her 9.9 APGAR, ready to rest and nurse before her first bath.  I was so proud and so elated.

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  1. Yay! So glad she's a good nurser and that you're having a wonderful first week! My mom was with us the entire first week and I don't know what we would have done without her!! And lucky for you, she'll only be right down the road next week:). I balled my eyes out when my mom left for Charleston when Liza was a week and a half old! Something about that precious newborn season makes you realize how much you love (and miss) your mom!


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