Monday, September 20, 2010

First Outing

Today we went out for our first adventure.  She was super excited.

I needed some fresh air and today was really beautiful.  We decided to head up to a cute little area in our town to walk a bit, grab some groceries and Starbucks.  
I look so exhausted!  I feel really good though and I'm having a hard time sleeping.  How come?
Daddy is so handsome
It was great to get out.  I loved everyone smiling at my pretty baby and commenting on how tiny she is and how brave we were to be out after only 5 days.  I love me some fresh air!  The groceries took a little longer than expected though and the whole trip was probably a little more strenuous than we should have undertaken.  Baby girl was awesome though and slept the entire time.  She fussed a bit here and there, but loved some cuddling.  And man, was that mocha frap (decaf!) delish.
I loved having our little family out together.  The world is big and scary and I'm not gonna lie- I was pretty anxious at different times and I have no idea how I'm going to ever get her out of the house by myself.  (Confession:  I may or may not have almost forgotten to bring the diaper bag!)

But we have a Daddy of the family who is pretty awesome at all of this, and he kept us safe and sound and carried all of the groceries.  We love him a lot.


  1. You are just so cute, Taylor! Glad you made your first trip out...I was really anxious having to go out w/o Jake, too. Those carseats are so darn heavy and I was afraid of losing things...but you'll get good at it. I would love to come with Liza and see you this week. Let me know if there's a good time for you! We're pretty flexible;).

    Oh, and that sleeping thing--pretty normal, I think. I had a very hard time sleeping for the first two weeks or so. I think it's due to over-exhaustion, hormones and just worrying about the baby. I was so afraid that something would happen to her and checked her breathing probably a hundred times a night;).

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Adorable and she's already wearing SHOES! LOVE.IT. Our first outing was to the doctor and then to Target and Starbucks. :) You are ambitious! Just remember, don't over-do it for yourself - you're still healing and recovering from pregnancy. I, too, had a hard time sleeping (even when she was sound asleep!) and I agree with Willa - it's the hormones, the crazy emotions, the fears, etc. It does get better!

    In my humble opinion, choose someplace easy and close for your first on-your-own outing. I went to Lauren's house. :)


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