Wednesday, July 28, 2010

30 weeks

We're about to head into single digits weeks-wise.  Crazy.  So close, yet SO FAR.  I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it will be at least 7 months before I ever get anything that looks like a full-night's sleep again.  My back hurts so much at night that I absolutely can't sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time.  Sometimes I'll luck out and get a few hours, which is so much better.  I'm trying to decide if this pain is worth a doctor visit.  I had a pretty messed up back anyway before pregnancy from a couple of falls, so I always have back pain anyway and knew that it would be really bad in pregnancy.  But I feel like going to the doctor is pointless because it will be like, "Oh, really?  Another pregnant girl with back pain?  SHOCK-ER" and they can't really do anything about it anyway.

Little girl moves SO MUCH.  She is constantly wiggling and tickling and dancing around in there.  She's really responsive when I rub her back when she kicks, and wiggles like crazy when she hears her cousin's voice.  She seems more quieted by Lenny's voice.  I'm really curious if we'll see any of these "in the womb" patterns when she's born.  I'm thinking she's still going to have a burst of energy around 11:30 (she seems to have that no matter what I'm doing!) and I think she's going to recognize some voices.  

But here's the real news:

The nursery is painted!  Hubby put in wainscoating and we painted it white.  This was our guest room, and I actually chose the "Jamaica Bay" blue with a nursery in mind before we were even thinking about getting pregnant.  I loved the color so much and knew I could make it work for a boy or girl, but dang, it's going to be CUTE for a girl.  (As a side note...our office is already red and white, supposedly a throwback to our UMD roots, but if we ever have a little boy while we're still here it's going to make a super cute cowboy room.  Just sayin'.)  The accent colors in this room are going to be bright with lots of pink and flowers and birds.  I just love bright colors and I think they are great for babies.  

Just wait.  Just wait.  

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  1. Sorry to hear about the back pain. Have you tried one of those pregnancy support pillows to help? I'm thinking of getting one should I start having issues, but I'm hoping having a sleep number bed helps me as well. Your blog is so cute!


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