Sunday, May 23, 2010

The One Where I Desperately Wish for a 50 mm Lens

My camera always makes me think of the wonderful book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. If I were to go back to buying this camera nine months ago, I would have waited until I had enough money for a couple decent lenses. So, advice for anyone who is buying a dSLR; factor in the cost of lenses because your kit lens will drive you crazy! That said, I'm pretty ok with how most of these turned out, given that the toddler in question was two minutes post-meltdown over a certain "pink blanket," there was rain about to fall, and well, I only have my kit lens. I'm way happier with them on my own screen since uploading de-saturates them. I had one of the nicest weekends I've had in a long time and these photos represent that to me. Crazy weather, wonderful friends, a sweet niece and lots of s'mores made for perfect memories.

I love this last one. "The yow-yer is laughin' at me!"
20 weeks and 5 days with kisses and tickles from a precious cousin.

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  1. The 50mm sure is an awesome lens! There is actually one on sale at Unique Thrift for $35. I'm not sure if it would fit your Pentax or not. It's an off lens brand...might be worth checking out because it is prime glass. :)


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