Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confessions of the Happy Camper, Day -1

Part two in my series about our awesome summer vacation in our little camper to Bar Harbor, Maine and Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Ever wondered how to work effectively as a couple to get ready for a big, long trip? I think my husband and I are so excellent at this that we should share some tips.
How to Get Ready for a Big Trip, Part 1. Complete two days before leaving on said trip.
Wife: Plan to get up early, sleep till 9.
Husband: Get up at 7:45
Wife: Check emails for an hour, throw in one load of laundry instead of completing it all as planned, run to volunteer teach riding lessons at a local farm.
Husband: Take newly acquired camper to get inspected. Find out camper needs new lights in back.
Wife: Eat a leisurely lunch.
Husband: Go to Cap World for new lights. No go. Go to another mechanic. No go. Oh wait, supposed to be working; go to meeting. Go to Walmart for new lights. Winner! $25.
Wife: Friends call. Want to hang out…SHOULD pack…go hang out with friends.
Husband: Go yet another mechanic to see about attaching the lights. Nice man explains that it’s really easy to just do it yourself. Drive home. Lay in billion degree road and fiddle with light replacement for 45 minutes.
Wife: Drink tea with friends and laugh about work.
Husband: Go back to complete inspection with new lights. $50.
Wife: Continue to generally girl talk for three hours.
Husband: Oh right, work.
Wife: Ok, really, time to go home and pack. Leaving at 5 am Friday morning. So much to do! But will be gone so long… going to miss horses so much…go to parents’ house to hang out with mom and niece and ride horses.
Husband: Get home from work to clean and pack.
Wife: Get home from playing with family to bake gluten-free banana bread, cookies and brownies for the trip.
Husband: Complete packing. What’s next?
Wife: WHINE! Sooooo tired!
Husband: …
Wife: We’re going to bed!
Feel free to take away what you will.

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