Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An End-of-the-Year Poem

This was submitted to me in a final project for our poetry unit by a student:

Thank you Mrs. S
and your husband too
cause we all think
that English is cool
Most of the year
we've had a lot of fun
I'll see you at Six Flags
Under the sun!

1. Is it plagiarism to post a hilarious student poem on your blog without citing the "source"?
2. Would that source be the student, or his mom?
3. I left the punctuation as is, but could not keep myself from correcting "english" and "alot"
4. I think my favorite line is "MOST of the year..." Agreed!
5. I choose to let this poem be flattering, instead of suck-up-ing.
6. Sometimes teaching is pretty okay. :)

In other news, this just arrived at my house. Fingers crossed.

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