Wednesday, June 03, 2009

They really do notice

Student: Um, Mrs. S? Thank you!

Me: ...for what?

Student: You know, for everything!

Over the weekend I told my friend that I would miss my kids this summer, and that I might cry on their last day Thursday. By the end of the day Monday, I called her and told her, "I take it back!" Yesterday morning, I told my kids to make me want to miss them. They thought that was hilarious, but some of them actually tried! Most of them just tried my nerves.

Today, at Six Flags, I will chase 6th grade girls and think about the fact that it was seriously YESTERDAY I was in sixth grade myself at King's Dominion, with my hair in double French braids, riding the Grizzly and holding on for dear life, laughing with my friends and making memories. I will remember that these times are precious for these kids and that it is a day they will probably always remember. So, I will be nice.

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  1. taylorface!!
    it was so nice getting that comment from you. how are things? you know those kids love you ... i mean, who wouldn't want ms. s as an english teacher? anyways things here are really well, and you could send yourself. or a few burned cds would be equally amazing :) hows YL? whats going on with camp for the summer? i miss you, give everyone my love!!


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