Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tricks of the Trade

One of my biggest gluten-free woes has to be condensed creamy soups. They are a) almost impossible to find gluten-free b) the few gluten-free ones that are out there taste funny and c) some recipes just aren't the same without some globulous, salty, creamy goodness. Um...right?

I have a tendency to click around through blogs for the first part of my planning period in the morning. My brain is just not in full gear yet and I love to drink my cup of tea and chill out for a little bit before facing middle schoolers for the rest of the day. In my clicking, I came upon a list of links for "Works for Me Wednesday" at What an awesome list of ideas and solutions! It's like Hints from Heloise times one hundred and fifty, or however many people end up linking.

Well, guess what? The solution to the condensed creamy soup conundrum can be found here, healthier, updated and- get ready- less globulous.

Also, in clicking around on BlossomingSkillet, I found out that my beloved sweet rice flour has yet another use; thickening soups and gravies. Apparently, it's even nicer than regular wheat flour, and anyone who has made a roux with brown rice flour knows how frustrating it can get.

I can't wait to try it out. But clearly, that will have to wait, because for over a week now I've either eaten out, picked up a rotisserie chicken, or had my husband make an emergency mac 'n *shudder* velveeta cheese. I even had a foray with a frozen chicken and rice meal. (If you thought they couldn't go wrong with chicken and rice, you were wrong. They can go wrong. Terribly wrong.) I also just ate a fudgesicle for breakfast because my coworker and I were cleaning out our fridge. Good thing I always have salad on hand, or I may be finished from salty and otherwise unhealthy food.

And people tell me it must "suck to eat so healthy all the time." HAH!

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