Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Or, we could just plant money trees...

I think the American public needs to recognize how a lot of these people are paid. When my sister was a waitress, her hourly wage was about $1.00. She earned her money from tips. The concept is simple: do a great job, make money; do a poor job, don't make money. To me, it's the same with the bonuses. As to whether the amount of the bonuses is appropriate is another issue entirely, but we are a capitalist nation and those amounts were what contracts stated. It seems like a lot more details needed to be hammered out and lot more people needed to be on the same page before any of this happened.

The issue lies in government take-over of business. It is all so impossibly complicated that it could be- and probably will be- debated for years with no solid ethical conclusion. Our nation stands for freedom, and that is supposed to include enterprise. That is the key to the American dream, is it not? So how does government keep this freedom while ensuring the safety and well-being of it's citizens?

See, the heart of issue lies in the fact that we all desire to be prosperous, free of pain and able to fulfill our wants, yet the broken, sinful nature of humanity will continue to impede that possibility this side of heaven. Our nation is in a recession; it is hard, it will be painful. To define the position of the government is to recognize it is in place to prevent chaos, not keep cable television for every American.

We will fight through this and maybe our children will come out on the other side knowing that they can't have every new Ipod, every trip to Six Flags, every pair of Apple Bottom jeans, every new video game. Maybe our children will start to build forts outside out of branches and throw snowballs, instead of sitting out on the couch shooting guns at enemies from virtual trenches. Our families will become stonger, our churches will continue to serve and rally, our communities will pull together, and we will be a better nation. Let's keep those in places of authority accountable, not point fingers at the ones doing their jobs and working hard with integrity .

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