Monday, February 02, 2009

So, speaking of which...

Things I love:
- Cuddling with my husband during the snooze period on the alarm clock every single morning
- Looking at photographs
- Bright colors
- Checking the weather forecast. This is kind of an obession.
- Drinking tea
- Reading blogs
- Listening to Focus on the Family
- Picture frames
- Baby clothes
- Sushi nights where Lenny picks up sushi and we eat it on the floor in our room watching tv
- Getting kisses from my niece
- Children's books
- Making lists
- Walking out to the car in the morning when you expect it to be cold and it's warm
- The screen of my work computer
- Planning trips
- Learning about family history
- Finding out the meaning of names
- Having a clean, well-decorated and well-organized house

- Ideas, such as:

(I do love me some fabric, which is why I like this idea for a little pop of art and color. Fabric in an embroidery hoop, cute AND cheap!) and:

(Gotta love these colors, and the light in room, and the hardwood floors!)

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