Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kick up the COLOR

This house is yummy. It's not fully my taste, but I simly love all of the wonderful colors, textures and patterns. You've gotta admire someone who takes on color so excitedly.

I was going to say, "If only I was that brave with color," but I really think I could be. It's more like, "If only I had a little more money and didn't rely fully on my mother's stylish extras to decorate my own house so I could be a little more creative" for me. But I love my house with it's muted yellow, black and white French-countryish with a me twist ways.

In other news, OH MY GOSH ARE YOU SERIOUS? Not in an AIG or weird middle schoolers kind of way, but in an awesome/tea/pretty boxes/fun things/right in my own hometown kind of way.

Thank you to Cindy for tuning me to the wonderful wiles of www.apartmenttherapy.com.


  1. Taylor I have been to Teaism like a billion times because they have a location across the street from Decatur House. When it is officially warm, lets make DC plans to hit up that little shop in Penn Quarter and then walk like 5 blocks up to the frozen yogurt/cupcake place :)If we want to really do it right, that Teaism location is only like 10 mins from the Art Gallery too....

  2. I too love the 'Really?' (or I think they also had a 'Seriously?') segment. How awesome is it for SNL when all they have to do to mock current ridiculousness is utter one word repeatedly?

  3. You're a winner!
    Come check it out!


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