Friday, February 06, 2009

I love doors.

I know, it's a weird thing to love. But I was reminded of just how much I love doors when I went to today and saw this:
I really love old doors. It goes with my obsession with old houses, especially old farm houses. Before everything was "Made In China," so much more time and effort was put into everything that was made. That's nothing against China of course, just that everything now is so mass-produced and cheap that we don't put the same kind of effort in anymore. It makes sense; why would you put the time and effort into making something yourself when you could buy it somewhere for less money?
But I love seeing craftsmanship in something so simple, so functional, as a door in an old farmhouse that is somehow also so intricate; dovetailed corners, mouldings, iron knobs with actual keyholes. I still kick myself for not being brave enough to ask for the beautiful white door in the pile of rubble after my neighbors had to take down their old red barn. I had big plans to make it into a coffee table, but my neighbor's son took it to use in his farmhouse they are restoring. I suppose they wouldn't have given it to me anyway in light of this, but I still think of it a lot. Weird, huh?
Sometimes I think we SHOULD sweat the small stuff.

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