Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nothing says I Love You like 54 Wendy's cups

Get ready for story time! Yay!

Many of my friends probably know about my latest scheme; collecting Wendy's cups! It all started on our way home from the Rockbridge YL Winter Weekend. When we stopped for lunch at Wendy's we discovered they have this deal going on right now that if you collect 64 of their soda cups you can win a free round trip flight on Air Tran Airways to anywhere Airtran flies in the U.S. This got me very excited because not only do I love to travel, I also have several very dear friends who live in very far away parts of this country and I am usually strapped for cash. So we started stealing the empty of cups from the kids on the bus. They were all instructed to keep their cups and pass them up to me and Mandy at the front of the bus. We only got about 10 because most of the kids thought that Taco Bell was a better lunch choice...ew!

So anyway, Mandy, Caitlin and I had all kinds of dreams of dumpster diving and other fast-food cahoots planned in order to collect our cups. But because we college students are so busy with things like napping and going to Plato's at midnight, our schedules have had yet to allow us the extra 5 minutes it would take to drive to Wendy's. Thus, I was a bit behind in my collecting.

Fast-forward to this weekend. Lenny was gone all weekend (again at Rockbridge) for the middle school winter weekend. I was sad because he couldn't attend the IV Ball or Brookeville Road Christmas party with me. (It was ok though, because I asked Stacy to be my hot date, and she readily complied as she always does, at least when her boyfriend isn't around either. When he is around she dumps me for him. Whatever Stacy, I see how it is. But I digress.) Lenny got home on Sunday night, but I had a ticket to the basketball game. However, I became inflicted with a severe upper respiratory condition. That is fancy-talk for I had a cold and didn't feel like walking all the way to Comcast in sub-zero windchill temps and then having people scream loudly into my ears. So I called Lenny and told him I wasn't going, and he got excited and said, "Let's watch the game together at your house!" I thought this was because he doesn't have cable and is obsessed with the Terps, so I said, "Would you come down if I didn't have cable?" and he said ".....yes" and then I punched him through the phone. This may or may not have actually happened. He said he would leave soon and I decided to take a shower in order to look slightly less dead.

When I got out of the shower my roommates shouted cat calls at me about being in a towel like we always do, and then said that because I was sick I should come with them to Starbucks because they love me and miss me and all these wonderful things. (I should have known it was a trick! Kidding!) I said, "Ok!" because I forgot Lenny was coming over and then I remembered and said, "Oh wait, Lenny's coming over." They said I should call him to see how far away he was. So I picked up my phone and I had a voicemail from him saying that was going to be later than he thought because he had to help his roommate move some furniture. I thought nothing of this and told Cindy and Jess, "Yay we have time let's go!!!" So off we went on our merry way to CVS and Starbucks. Cindy and Jess acted weird when we were leaving and whispered stuff and then punched each other over locking the door. I thought nothing of this because my roommates are like that all the time anyway and that is why I love them.

When we got back I chilled in the living room and then Cindy told me to go get something from my room. I opened the door and gasped immediately because this is what I saw:

Nothing says "I love you" like 54 Wendy's cups...especially when they actually spell out I LOVE YOU!

I was totally shocked and knew right away this was a Lenny-type caper. So I yelled "LENNY!" and he came out of Stacy's room. I couldn't stop laughing and I hugged him a lot. He told me they stopped the bus for dinner on the way up and lunch on the way back from the weekend and took the kids to Wendy's so they could collect their cups. Way to go kids!

So the short of it is that I was totally fooled by my roommates who got me out of the house and only pretended to lock the door. Also, I just realized I could have told this story much shorter: "Lenny got me all the Wendy's cups I needed and suprised me with them in my room!" but that's not nearly as fun or interesting to write. Also, now I get to go visiting! Yay!!!

This is my boyfriend. He acts silly when he has just returned from spending 60 hours with 13-year-olds.


Many thanks to all who helped make this dream a reality. ;)

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  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    LOL...he and your roomies are velly velly sneaky.


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