Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Under Da Sea

Let's take a moment to revel in the fact that I have the greatest friends and froomies in the whole world...

This past weekend Cindy, Stacy, Jess, Amy, Duane and I went to Ocean City for Cindy's 21st. Apparently every biker on the eastern shore went to Ocean City for Cindy's 21st as well. And actually, so did Hurricane Ophelia. Basically these all combined for some simply amazing and mostly hilarious events. I've decided to list my favorite times of the 24 hours:

Favorite Superhero Moment:
The lifeguard running (yes, running) to everyone on the beach to tell them to clear out.

Favorite Destiny's Child Song:

Favorite Downpour:
Standing in line outside Seacrets.

Favorite Dance Move:
Either the Cindy, the Stacy, the Jess, the Amy or the Taylor.

Favorite Weird Guy:
Brian...or was it Brad?

Favorite Froomie Moment:
Helping Jess tie on her Froomie bracelet.

Favorite Seagull:
The one who kept hitting on me.

Favorite Hot Dinosaur:
The one outside the mini golf place..."Please ladies, one at a time."

Favorite Quote:
Jess: Hey Duane, are you seeing anyone?
Duane: Umm, no.
Jess: I was just wondering because you always have really melodramatic away messages.
Cindy: Oh don't worry, those are just Mariah Carey song lyrics.
Everyone: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Favorite Disney Sing Along:
The one that lasted the ENTIRE drive home.

Bottom line, it was a great weekend. This winter when it gets cold and snowy and gross, I am just going to imagine myself back on the beach this past Sunday with the most perfect weather ever and the salty breeze and cloudless bright blue sky and soft sand and yellow sunshine and be the happiest person in the entire world! Happy 21 Cinzia!

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