Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm just really not that cool

I have decided to abandon my Xanga site for something a little "cooler". Actually, let's face it. I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon. I kept that Xanga site for ages simply because I was defiantley saying "Whatever, I'll keep using this online journal site intended for middle schoolers because I do whatever I want to do GOSH." But with blog spot you can post pictures, and anyone who's anyone knows how much I love pictures!

Today I have decided to dispel a common held myth. Friends, in actualilty, I am not that cool. I know, I know, you're shocked. But I felt like I just had to stop frontin'. Here are the top ten reasons why I am an undercover terribly nerdy person:
10. The words "Xanga" and "blog" were in the first sentence of this entry.
9. Bookstores get me really excited. REALLY excited.
8. Sometimes I actually enjoy doing homework. (*NOTE* This is only when I am into writing a paper and it's going well. I get all warm and fuzzy sipping coffee and typing away.)
7. I say things like "peace out" "chillax" "b-r-b" and "whatev" all the time.
6. (Now, one comment I would like to make. Yes, it's true, I love horses. Some people would say that being a horse person instantly qualifies you as a dweeb. This is another myth I would like to dispell. I do not, and have not ever, owned a shirt that says "I HEART ARABIANS" in neon yellow with a rearing horse who's mane and tail are blowing in the wind. I do not, and have not ever, worn my muck boots to class. I do not, and have not ever, had 15 horse posters covering my walls.) But I will admit that I do have a horse calendar on my wall and a key chain that says "Ride or Date...Where's my boots?"
5. I love vegetables. That's right; spinach, brocolli, brussel sprouts...mmm my mouth is watering right now.
4. I love classical music. In fact, I regularly listen to it my car when no one else is around.
3. I played the cello for about 9 years. Everyone knows that the cello is that instrument that no one in their right mind wanted to play when everyone got to pick an instrument in 4th grade. But I thought the cello was beautiful so I brought one home and my mom wondered why I hadn't chosen something more size-appropriate, like a violin or flute or something. At least I didn't choose the tuba.
2. I love watching documentaries. The history channel, the discovery channel, animal planet...I just get excited learning about the family patterns of elephants, and no, I'm not being sarcastic.
1. See picture above. It was taken when I was 13. You might find this hard to believe, but I was a happy, well-adjusted kid who loved middle school. I was friends with everyone and didn't have any problems with things like who was cool or who had the most boyfriends or whatever. Now, granted, I went to Forcey Christian Middle school. Basically, cool there=totally uncool to the rest of the world. Also, when I was in middle school I wrote my name with ears and whiskers on the o in Taylor to make it look like a cat. How did I have friends?

There are more reasons than those. But you know what? I LOVE being dorky! And I am completely convinced that everyone has a little nerdiness in them somewhere, no matter how many copies of Vogue you have in your bedroom.

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  1. I love documentaries too, and that girl looks like Megan Moore


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